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Guide To Breastfeeding

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By Wong Boh Boi. Second Edition. (Price includes delivery within Singapore)

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Impending motherhood,  childcare  and  breastfeeding  concerns are always uppermost on the  minds of mothers-to-be and  new mothers  everywhere.  Despite  age-old  advice  and  methods from midwives and well-meaning relatives, many mothers-to-be and new mothers today see the need to educate themselves in these areas.

This series of books, Guide to Childbirth, Guide to Breastfeeding and Guide to Childcare, have been developed by Thomson Medical Centre specifically to address this need.

How your body copes  and changes  to accommodate a new life is illustrated  and  explained  in the  first book  of this series,  Guide to Childbirth. The book also illustrates the processes of labour, childbirth and delivery as well as provides a local context of ante and postnatal care for the new mother.

The second book, Guide to Breastfeeding, is for the new mother who wishes to breastfeed but is discouraged by the lack of support  and information about it. The process of breast milk production,  the dos and don’ts of breastfeeding, problems related to breastfeeding and their solutions are found in this book.

Guide to  Childcare,  the  third  book  in  the  series,  provides   tips and  advice  in caring  for the  newborn  infant.  New mothers  will also be  able  to  troubleshoot signs  of illnesses and  even  serious medical conditions, and to recognise  when  to consult  a doctor  or paediatrician for help.

So while it is good to still have your own mothers  and relatives give you their pearls of wisdom in pregnancy and beyond, mothers-to-be and new mothers will come away from these books better equipped and  informed  to  deal  with  today’s motherhood. We at Thomson Medical Centre sincerely hope that this series of books will be helpful in your journey to motherhood.

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