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Wonder Bumpers Alphabet -38 Pack

Reference: PCWB004

*Remove risk of suffocation and entanglement 

*Protect baby's head and body

*Maintain optimum air flow

*Inhibit toddlers from climbing out

*Keep limbs safely inside crib

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  • Wonder Bumpers prevent babies from getting overheated in the baby cot (especially applicable for Singapore’s weather), as natural wind is able to flow through the Wonder Bumpers. Whereas the conventional bumpers will block all wind circulation, and cause the baby to feel very hot and stuffy inside the baby cot. 
  • Babies feel more secure with Wonder Bumpers as they can see out of the baby cot. The conventional bumper will block the babies’ view when they are lying down. For example, if the baby cot is next to the parent’s bed, they are able to see the parents next to them. The greater sense of security will thus encourage them to sleep in their cot instead of wanting to get out and sleep on the parent’s bed.
  • Mummies who just gave birth will feel less tired using the Wonder Bumpers because they are able to see their babies lying on their bed, without having to sit up and peep into the baby cot. Because Wonder Bumpers provide Mummies with the entire view into the cot without any obstruction, unlike the conventional bumpers

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