A Happy Customer

A Happy Customer

Can you imagine yourself eating confinement food 3 months in a roll? Lol.

Yes, that's how crazy I am over #thomsonconfinementfood !

As a first time mother, words cannot express my gratitude for #thomsonconfinementfood. It's no mean feat having to take care of a newborn all by myself and the last thing on my mind is my own well being. But with Thomson confinement food, I'm not only getting the nutrients I need for breastfeeding, the food is also well-kept warmth even when I run very late for lunch and dinner. The menu is carefully TCM-ed and well balanced, as I don't get the "heaty-ness" even after 3 months consuming confinement food. The food is definitely #notMSGladen, yet gastronomically delightful. The servings is so generous that I could actually share them with my husband. My all time favourite is the papaya fish soup and pig trotter!

You can never go wrong with #thomsonconfinementfood

p/s: pls don't mind my presentation of food on "newspaper table cloth". It just goes to show how pressed for time I am. But hey it's always the food that counts 

~A happy customer posted on our Facebook Page. Link is here 


Posted on 24/09/2019 Confinement Food 3293

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