Add-On: Longan & Red Dates Tea ($4.50 per 500ml bottle)


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Our Longan & Red Dates tea is freshly brewed daily. It contains no sugar, no preservatives, no colouring, and no artificial flavourings.

Longan & Red Dates tea has nutritional benefits to boost post-natal healing and therefore it is an essential drink for mommies during the confinement period. In addition, it supports blood circulation and can be taken on a regular basis for women’s wellness.

Please note that this item is only available as Add-On to your current Confinement Food Package. One additional bottle a day will be delivered together with your lunch or dinner.

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Brand: Thomson Medical

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  • Our Confinement Food Package comes with a complimentary serving of 350ml of Longan & Red Dates Tea per meal. You may order additional servings here, and we will deliver an additional bottle per day together with your lunch or dinner.
  • We encourage you to consume within the day of purchase or keep it refrigerated away from sunlight. You may warm it up if it is refrigerated.
  • Ingredients: Longan, Red Dates and Water.
  • 龙眼红枣茶可以帮助产后妈妈加速复原,是坐月期间的最佳饮料。它同时帮助血液循环,长期饮用对妇女的健康大有裨益。
  • 我们的龙眼红枣茶是每天以新鲜食材烹煮入瓶。不添加糖、防腐剂、色素和人工调味。我们建议您购买当天喝完,或者放入冰箱,远离阳光。如放入冰箱,可以加温后饮用。
  • 成分: 龙眼、红枣、水

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