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    The ultimate Baby & Mummy Set includes 6 bottles of Chicken Essence and Bird Nest. Perfect and indulging tonics which will aid the newly minted in her recovery process. A 4 piece gift set for the precious baby includes mittens, sock, rompers and washcloth.  Also available in baby boy, baby girl and gender-friendly clothing.
  • $169.10 In Stock
    Set includes 3 bottles of bird nest, 2 bottles of  Eu Yan Sang Chicken Essence and 2 bottles of New Moon Chicken Essence, 2 sets of Drypers Diapers, a Dryper wet wipes, Shears pillow and bolster set as well as a cot toy. Complementing the entire set is a gorgeous daisies arrangement. Available in both baby girl and boy.
  • $117.70 In Stock
    New Moon Fish Essence is made from the finest selected fish. This premium grade essence of fish is prepared using traditional double-boiled method, giving it a very flavourful taste. The bird nest is made from genuine ingredients to a traditional recipe. Complement this arrangement with a beautiful Sunflower table piece
  • $107.00 In Stock
    Our Fruit and flower set encompasses of Seedless Crimson Grapes, Seoul Kitchen Dragon Fruits, Green Anjou Pears, Royal Gala Apples, Mango, Blueberries, Oranges and Kiwis. Paired perfectly with a gorgeous daisy arrangement. 
  • $85.60 In Stock
    Our mixed chicken essence, bird nest and flower set includes Eu Yan Sang Fish Essence, Brands Chicken Essence and Bird Nest. These essences aids in healing for the newly minted mummy. 
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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