BB Kitty Kids Friendly Card Sanitizer Spray Alcohol Free Timeless Purity - 20ml [Bundle of 3]


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BB Kitty Sanitizer range is a family care product specially catered for use on any occasion, anytime, and anywhere. The sanitizer products are made and tested in a certified laboratory in Singapore. BB Kitty Sanitizers can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, which are also tested to be effective against the coronavirus strains.

BB Kitty Sanitizer is Kids Friendly with 0% Alcohol content, which makes it suitable for all age group and skin types use. The size allows every user to Travel With Ease, given its compact size that met the airline requirement. Keeping you safe throughout your journey all over the world.

Sanitizer For All Use:
- Spray on Mask
- Before and After Meal
- Air Spray for Air Cleansing
- Any Other Surfaces




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Brand: BB Kitty

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