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28-Day Confinement Herbal Care

The confinement period of 30 to 40 days after giving birth is when mothers rest and allow their bodies to heal while replenishing their bodies with plenty of nutrition. While confinement food provides the nutrition for mothers during confinement period, the 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care is an all-in-one TCM supplement that is uniquely prescribed for every mother.

Comprising 28 packets of Chinese herbal powder and 2 different types of capsules, the physician will prescribe the medicine upon seeing the mother after delivery. The medicine will be prescribed according to the 3 phases as below:


Uterus Recovery

When: up to 6 days after delivery

Physician will assess patient’s constitution and find out more about the pregnancy and delivery process before prescribing medicine to aid the uterus in contraction for optimal uterus recovery.

Digestive Wellness and Breastfeeding

When: up to 21 days after delivery

This phase is a crucial turning point for mothers as their metabolism rate returns to normal and the body turns from ‘warm’ to ‘cold’. Thus it is important to warm the body and improve digestive functions as the former can prevent the invasion of ‘wind-dampness’ that could aggravate pain and water retention, while the latter is crucial for the absorption of nutrients that form the foundation for a steady supply of quality breast milk.

Vitality Booster

When: up to 28 days after delivery

Managing the mother’s constitution is vital at this phase to prevent her from getting ‘overheated’ from the frequent ingestion of tonics that promote energy and blood circulation. Doing this will help mothers regain their pre-pregnancy vitality, combat premature aging and lay a strong foundation for future pregnancies.


Upon payment, no follow up is required until upon admission to hospital:

  • For mother delivering at Thomson Medical patients, please call 63525800 to book an appointment upon admission to hospital. Our TCM Physician will visit you in the ward for consultation. (Note: No ward visit on Sundays and Public Holidays).
  • For mothers delivering at other hospitals, please call 63525800 to book an appointment upon admission to hospital. You may choose to visit any of our clinics for consultation after delivery.
  • The price includes one-time consultation fee, 28-Day herbs and GST.
  • After consultation you will be given 28-Day herbs specially customised for you to be taken once a day with water.

Thomson Chinese Medicine Clinics are located at:

Paragon: Paragon Medical Centre #18-11/12, 290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859. Tel: 63525800

Punggol: Waterway Point #02-27, 83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828761. Tel: 63865575

NUH Medical Centre, 1 Lower Kent Ridge Road #04-08/09 Singapore 119082. Tel: 66935565

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