Thomson Confinement Food Home Delivery


  • What does your package include?

    Our confinement food package includes island-wide home delivery (except Sentosa), each meal consists of meat, vegetable, soup, 1 fragrant white rice and red dates & longan tea. One set of Tiffin consisting of 3 containers and 2 thermo (for soup and red dates & longan tea) in a bag will be on loan to you daily for exchange during the delivery period. The last delivery will be in disposable containers.

  • Do I need to wash the containers?

    Good News! We will do the washing. Simply pour away any leftover and put them back in the bag.

  • Can I put the containers into microwave oven?

    Our containers and thermo are not microwavable. We will charge an extra $100 for any damage done to the container for negligent use.

  • What is the delivery time?

    Delivery Time: Lunch 10:00am to 1:00pm; Dinner 4:00pm to 7:00pm. Delivery charges are included in the package.

  • Is the meal for one person?

    Yes, the meal is enough for one person.

  • Is the meal suitable for post-surgery patient?

    Please consult your doctor first especially if you are under medication before placing order. For more information please call us at 63508848. Our operating hours are:
    Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5:00pm;
    Saturdays: 8:30am-11:00am or email us at

  • Do you have vegetarian package?

    Sorry, we do not have vegetarian package.

  • Is the confinement food halal?

    Sorry, our Traditional Chinese Confinement Food is non-halal. However we Resepi Ibunda Confinement Food packages prepared by Caterfresh halal kitchen. Please click on Resepi Ibunda on the top menu.

  • Do you have non-pork menu?

    Yes, on the product page, you may select non-pork menu. Dishes with pork will be replaced by either chicken or fish. Please note that repetition of dishes may be more frequent as a result of exclusion of pork.

  • I am allergic to nuts, can I take your confinement food?

    Sorry, our confinement food is not suitable if you are allergic to nuts.

  • I do not eat chicken, can you remove chicken from the menu?

    Sorry, we cannot remove chicken from our menu.

  • How does Menu Rotation work?

    Our menu consists of two cycles. First cycle is Day 1-10 and second cycle is Day 11-28. Your first meal may not start from Day-1 of the menu and is dependent on rotation. For example, if you start with Day-4, you will get Day 5,6,7,8,9,10 followed by Day-1,2,3 to complete the whole first cycle. After which, second cycle may start from Day-20, followed by Day 21-28 and back to Day 11-19.

    Please note that the menu may vary subject to unforeseen seasonal demands for ingredients. Please contact us if you need more information.

  • When do I receive Pig's Trotters Vinegar?

    Pig's trotters vinegar is served at lunch as soup item on Day-15 and Day-27 of our 28-Day Lunch and Dinner menu. If you order 10-Day Add-On pig's trotters vinegar, it will be served only in second cycle menu rotation, Monday-Saturday lunch, but will be deferred for Day-15 and Day-27 so that you do not end up with two servings. Add-On pig's trotters vinegar will not be served on Sunday.

  • Do I need to inform you to start delivering?

    Yes, please call us at 6350 8848 during office hour, or, email us at, or, you may activate online in this web page by selecting Activate Meal Delivery from the top menu. We shall call you to confirm the delivery date and time. Please allow up to two working days from the day you inform us to deliver your first meal.

  • Do you deliver on public holidays?

    We delivery daily EXCEPT Christmas Day, New Year Day and first & second day of Chinese New Year.

  • Can I request you to deliver certain meal to another address?

    We only allow change of delivery address once. Please inform us two working days in advance.

  • Can I postpone my meal?

    Sorry, we are unable to postpone your meals, unless there is medical condition accompanied by doctor's letter. In such case, postponement is allowed for a maximum of 2 days only. Please call us at 63508848 during office hours. Our operating hours are:
    Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5:00pm;
    Saturdays: 8:30am-11:00am

  • Who should I contact for more information?

    For further assistance, please call ParentCraft Shop at 63508848. Our operating hours are:
    Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5:00pm;
    Saturdays: 8:30am-11:00am or email us at

  • Who should I contact after office hours?

    For further assistance after office hours, please PM us on our Facebook Page here.


  • 月子餐配套

    我们提供全岛(除了圣淘沙)送餐服务, 每餐含两菜(肉或鱼)一汤(炖汤), 一份米饭和龙眼红枣茶。我们每餐借出1个送餐袋,3个保温容器和2个保温瓶(汤和茶),最后一餐则用一次性容器。

  • 需要清洗容器吗?


  • 容器可以放入微波炉吗?

    我们的容器是不可以放入微波炉的。我们会向您收取$100 如果容器被微波炉损坏。

  • 送餐时间

    午餐: 10:00am到 1:00pm; 晚餐:4:00pm 到 7:00pm。配套已含送餐收费。

  • 套餐是供一个人食用吗?


  • 月子餐適合手术后病人食用吗?

    虽然我们用的是一般的中药,不过如果您有服用药物,请您先咨询您的医生。如需更多详情,请联络我们 64508848 或电邮 info@thomsonbaby

  • 有无素食配套?


  • 月子餐符合清真食品标准吗?

    对不起,我们的中式月子餐不是清真食品。不过,我们也有Resepi Ibunda 月子餐。请点击网站上边Resepi Ibunda 选项了解详情。

  • 有沒有无猪肉的菜单?


  • 我对豆类敏感,可以食用你们的月子餐吗?


  • 我不吃鸡肉,可以不提供鸡肉餐吗?


  • 第一餐是不是菜单上第一天的套餐?


  • 有几份猪脚醋?


  • 如何通知开始送餐?

    请提前两个工作日通知我们。办公时间电话:63508848,或电邮:。您也可以在这个网页Activate Meal Delivery选项里通知送餐,我们会在隔天工作日早上联络您确定具体送餐日期。

  • 公共假期有没有送餐?


  • 可不可以送餐到另一个地址?


  • 可不可以延缓送餐?


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    欲了解更多详情,请联络康盛医院 ParentCraft Shop 电话:63508848. 服务时间:
    周日: 8:30am-5:00pm;
    星期六: 8:30am-11:00am 或电邮

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