JMC 14 Days Postnatal Massage (Home Visit) + Free Charcoal Binder (U.P. $180)


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Home visit massage service provided by Joyous Mummy Care (JMC).

  • Full Spa set up with music & Towel provided
  • Professionally Trained Therapist
  • Premium and safe baby oil & Mummy oil 
  • Each session is 90 mins. 

Items included:

  • Massage bed
  • Premium Essential Oil
  • Towel
  • Charcoal Binder (U.P. $180) for 14 Days package only.

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Brand: Joyous Mummy Care

Delivery Method:
  • Delivery Included
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Benefits of postpartum massages:

🌹 Muscle relaxation & Pain relief.

🌹 Decreased swelling.

🌹 Improved blood circulation.

🌹 Fewer stretch marks.

🌹 Improving muscle tone in order to tuck mommy's tummy back in.

🌹 Stimulate breastmilk supply. They helps relieve clogged milk-ducts & make breastfeeding less painful.

🌹 Postpartum massages speed up recovery in case of a C-section.

🌹 Massages can help mommies deal with postpartum blues by relaxing their body & mind.


  1. Massage is best performed before any consumption of food, otherwise at least 1 hour after food.
  2. Do cater for a 2-hour slot for the massage session to be conducted. It would be ideal to have someone at home during the duration of the massage session to attend to baby’s needs.
  3. For postponement of your appointment, please contact JMC at least 24 hours in advance.
  4. For vaginal delivery, you may enjoy your massage 1 week after baby is delivered. For c-sect, kindly wait for at least 3 weeks after delivery.

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing this service, you hereby declare that you understand and agree that:

  1. This service is provided by Joyous Mummy Care, a service provider not related to and Thomson Medical.
  2. To contact JMC directly for all matters with regards to the service.
  3. and all related companies and employees are indemnified from the service by JMC.   

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