JMC 60 mins Lactation Massage (Home Visit)


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Home visit massage service provided by Joyous Mummy Care (JMC).

  • Full Spa set up with music & Towel provided
  • Professionally Trained Therapist
  • Premium and safe baby oil & Mummy oil 

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Brand: Joyous Mummy Care

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Benefits of Lactation Massage:

🍼 Improves breastfeeding letdown and get to the fatty hindmilk faster

🍼 Releases oxytocin and it is the feel-good hormone that causes the glands in your breast to contract and fill the milk ducts so that your baby can get milk.

🍼 Helps create a strong connection between you and your baby

🍼 Stimulates your uterus to contract, which helps your body return to its pre-pregnancy shape.

🍼 Alleviate low milk supply which lactation massage helps you empty your breast effectively--which not only supplies enough milk today but also increases milk production overall.

🍼 Prevent clogged ducts and mastitis 🍼 Produce better quality of breast milk. Milk itself contained less sodium, solids, lipids, casein concentration and gross energy

🍼 Improved breast appearance as the belief is that you may increase blood flow to breast tissue through massage.

🍼 Drainage of lymphatic system Your breast tissue extends all the way into the area under your armpit. There are many lymph nodes in this part of the body, and massaging them may help stimulate your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is responsible for helping your body flush out toxins. If you’ve had surgery on your lymph nodes, you may experience a buildup of waste fluids called lymphedema.


  1. Massage best before any consumption of food, otherwise at least 1 hour after consumption.
  2. Best to cater 2 hours slot for the massage session to be conducted, just in case baby gets hungry or cries. And also ideally to have someone at home to assist during the massage session.
  3. For postpone of appointment time, message JMC at least 24 hours in advance for easy planning of the massage therapists.
  4. For normal delivery, massage can be done at day 7, c-sect can be done after 3 weeks.
  5. JMC Massage is provided by Joyous Mummy Care. By redeeming or purchasing the massage service you hereby indemnify from all liabilities and damages.

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing this service, you hereby declare that you understand and agree that:

  1. This service is provided by Joyous Mummy Care, a service provider not related to and Thomson Medical.
  2. To contact JMC directly for all matters with regards to the service.
  3. JMC Massage is provided by Joyous Mummy Care. By redeeming or purchasing the massage service you hereby indemnify and Thomson Medical from all liabilities and damages.  


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