JMC 90 mins Prenatal Massage (Home Visit)


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Home visit massage service provided by Joyous Mummy Care (JMC).

  • Full Spa set up with music & Towel provided
  • Professionally Trained Therapist
  • Premium and safe baby oil & Mummy oil 

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A lot of women – even those who are convinced of the benefits of massages – feel conflicted when it comes to getting massaged during pregnancy. They are afraid to do anything to the body that may put their precious little baby in danger, and understandably so. However, women can benefit from massages during pregnancy.

They can also help you get some much deserved and required peace and quiet. If you are a first-time mother, this will be a welcome experience with all the worry and anxiety gripping you.

Prenatal massages have also been found to regulate hormone levels in pregnant women. This is primarily owing to the relaxation and destressing power of massages.

As your belly grows in size, movement may be greatly restricted. At such times, a massage can keep the blood circulation on track. This, in turn, has other secondary benefits like improved immunity, better sleep, etc.

Prenatal massages can help you tackle a lot of common pregnancy ailments like stiff neck and shoulders, swollen ankles, headaches, back pain, etc.

Prenatal massages may also help relieve heartburn in some women. However, this varies from person to person.

Many women report feeling less bloated, constipated and nauseous, as a result of prenatal massage therapy.


  1. Massage best before any consumption of food, otherwise at least 1 hour after consumption. 
  2. For postpone of appointment time, message JMC at least 24 hours in advance for easy planning of the massage therapists.
  3. Recommended from Week 20 to Week 38 .

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