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    Confinement Herbal Soup After 9 months of pregnancy and giving birth, post-partum women experience deficiency in blood and Qi, weakening uterus that leads to “coldness” in body, back ache, appetite disorders, discomfort from bloated stomach due to excessive wind, discharge of lochia/ heavy discharge, unable to produce breast milk due to blocked breast...
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    After childbirth, women are physically weak, low immunity, therefore could easily catch cold, and infected with bacteria. It is also not advisable to tie/ pleat the hair if it is still wet, do not go to bed when hair is still wet. It is also advisable not to take bath when hungry or immediately after meal. Confinement Herbal Bath mainly helps mother to...
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    Pre-packed Red Dates Tea 坐月红枣茶 10’s Traditionally, it is always recommended that Mummies consume red dates tea during their confinement. This is to avoid excessive water retention or getting “cold” during the period. Red Dates, well-known KING OF NUTS, are rich in Iron and Vitamin C. Every pack consists Red Dates, Black Dates, Dang Shen.
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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