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Cookiedealersg Cranberry White Chocolate Lactation Cookies

Chewy. Crunchy. Pure deliciousness. Cranberry and white choc cookie, designed with hungry mummies and babies in mind. Blending sweet and sticky dried fruit and chunks of milky white chocolate, these cookie bites make for an irresistible snack, all while fulfilling an important purpose.

With lactation-boosting galactagogues and all-natural ingredients, every mum and baby duo will fall in love with this wonderful snack!

1 bottle contains 48 cookies (320g).

Consume 8-10 cookies per day to boost your breast milk supply.

Benefits of Cookiedealersg's Lactation Cookies

  • Increase breastmilk supply
  • Healthy snack to have on hand as mummies are always feeling hungry due to breastfeeding
  • Improve the quality of breastmilk. Do you desire thicker, fatty and creamy milk for your baby? 

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Brand: Cookiedealersg

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What are Lactation Cookies?

  • Lactation Cookies are cookies that include certain ingredients known as galactagogues that are associated with increasing milk supply.
  • It is also packed full of essential vitamins and minerals to help nourish new mums. Generally, mums who are breastfeeding rely on Lactation Cookies to help with their breast milk supply. Other than increasing breastmilk supply, mummies can rely on lactation cookies to maintain their milk supply for their newborn.

What are Galactatogues?

  • Galactagogues are substances that promote lactation in humans and other animals. It may be synthetic, plant-derived, or endogenous. They are generally used to treat low milk supply.
  • We use only high quality and organic galactagogues in our Lactation Cookies:
  • Steel Cut Oats | Rolled Oats | Ground Flaxseed | Black & White Chia Seeds | Wheatgerm | Coconut Oil | Fennel Seed

 Consumption Guide

  • For a boost: We recommend eating (8) to (10) cookies every morning, with a glass of milk or any other fluid to go along.
  • For maintenance: We recommend eating (6) cookies per day.


  • Contains milk, nuts, wheat, gluten
How long can I keep the cookies for?
  • For optimal freshness, consume the cookies within 7-10 days as we do not add in any preservatives. The cookies can last up to 1 month at normal room temperature or refrigerated.

How do I store the cookies?

  • Keep the container sealed tight at all times to prevent cookies from getting stale due to prolong exposure. Store cookies in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature.


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