Fan' chih Adzuki Bean Coix Euryale Dampness Eliminating Porridge 300g


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Expiry Date: 30 June 2023

Benefits:Job’s tears have the function of enhancing kidney function and improving urinary system which is of great benefit to patients with edema condition. Regular consumption of Job’s tears will help to improve the condition of chronic enteritis, and minimise indigestion. Consume togther with euryale will replenish 'Qi', strengthen spleen and improve digestive system


Preparation: Rinse the Mix Grain and soak overnight (or approx. 5 hours). Pour the soaked mix grain into a rice cooker. Add water as desired and cook under “Porridge” function. Enjoy your delicious bowl of Fan’chih Mix Grain Porridge.

蒸煮方法: 用清水冲洗1遍。把杂粮渗泡过夜(或5个小时左右)。加入适量的水在电饭锅“粥”功能下烹煮,即可享用美味芳芷杂粮粥。

Ingredients: Japonica rice, Sago, Adzuki bean, Coix, Pumpki n seed, Runner bean, Euryale seed.
配料表: 粳米、西米、红豆、薏米、南瓜籽、荷包豆、芡实

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Brand: Fan Chih

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Adzuki Bean porridge


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