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ClevaMama® see it as our job to work smarter to make parents life that bit easier. Great baby products designed for parents, by parents.

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    Support cushion - During pregnancy it can be used to give you that crucial back support you need, particularly in later pregnancy when finding a comfortable position is challenging.  Nursing pillow - a mix of ClevaFoam and reflex foam lifts your baby up securely, which reduces the load on your shoulders, arms and back. A supportive pillow for you and...
  • $149.90 In Stock
    Our ClevaCushion™ nursing pillow & baby nest is the ultimate in comfort, support and versatility for you and your baby, and with 10 different uses it is ideal for use from pregnancy right up until toddler stage. 
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    This versatile maternity pillow gives total body support for mums-to-be, from head and neck, down to bump and knees, during those times when getting comfortable seems impossible. Then when your baby is born, it transforms easily into a cosy, secure pod. Sleep Pod for Mum and Baby made using scientifically proven ClevaFoam® to prevent Flat Head Syndrome...
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    Pure luxury and comfort with perfect support Made using scientifically proven ClevaFoam® to prevent Flat Head Syndrome Perfect for toddlers, keeping their head and spine in comfortable alignment AirFlow™ fabric draws away moisture and increase airflow Suitable from 12 months +
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    This ClevaFoam Baby Pillow has been proven to reduce the pressure on baby's head by 50% while providing 80% more support.  The pillow's profile is also sufficiently low while the material is not too stiff. Specifically engineered for babies, this Clevafoam Baby Pillow will allow your baby's head to rest in a natural position that does not restrict the...
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    Elevated your baby to help ease colic, reflux, nasal congestion and digestion. Made using ClevaFoam - our Scientifically proven breathable foam to prevent flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly). Designed to last - adjustable tummy band that grows with your baby. Promotes "back to sleep" Resting position as recommended by health professionals. Removable...
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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