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    The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is an accurate and reliable companion for reading your SpO2and heart rate on the go. Taking a reading is easy, just clip it on to your finger and turn it on at the press of a button. The large display makes viewing the results a snap. Features: Easy to read, illuminated large LED display Very portable; lightweight and...
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    ROSSMAX Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor X3 with Bluetooth App uses the oscillometric method to detect your blood pressure. This unit is to be used by adult consumers in a home environment.
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    Real Fuzzy Technology determines ideal cuff pressure based on one’s systolic blood pressure and arm size. Users no longer need to pre-set the inflation level before measurement. The technology eliminates arm discomfort through unnecessary high inflation settings and also prevents inaccurate readings caused by erroneous cuff inflation levels.
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    Rossmax Valve Adjustment Technology allows users to adjust different levels of Nebulization rate. Compared to most handheld nebulizers available in the market, the Rossmax Handheld Piston Nebulizer ensures more efficient and effective performance thanks to its Swiss technology.
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