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Lollababy is a brand that is based out of Singapore and was established by a couple who wanted to protect their child from infections and common diseases. Lollababy's first product was the nasal aspirator, which helps with a blocked nose. A nose block is common due to allergies, flu or the common cold. If your child is unable to breathe because of the blockage, this aspirator will help. Other key products include nasal saline sprays and battery-operated nebulizers for chest and cold-related problems.

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    Sterilise easy with the Lollababy UV Steriliser! Designed for maximum storage (Fits 9 Bottles) and easy accessibility, it accommodates up to nine baby bottles. The intuitive user interface allows you to toggle between multiple settings including sterilisation, drying, and storage.
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    Stay cool with the Lollababy Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer! This no-touch model is especially ideal for measuring temperatures quickly and hygienically for large groups. Versatile with a wide variety of functions, including a fever indicator feature. Other features: • Quick. Two-second measurement.• Dual Mode. Forehead and surface mode.• Fever...
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    This thermometer has a large LCD screen and LED backlight which makes temperature measurements easy to read. The entire unit is lightweight and runs on a CR2032 battery.
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    Polish neatly with the Lollababy Nail Trimmer Set! Comes with six attachments designed for a variety of purposes for both babies and adults, all especially gentle on cuticles and soft nail beds. The low noise motor also lets you trim your child’s nails without interrupting sleep.
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    Warm liquids quickly with the Lollababy Bottle Warmer! For the parent on the go. Compatible with most wide-neck baby bottle brands, our bottle warmer is perfect for any situation outside the family home. It is also beautifully designed with a modern digital display for easy temperature selection and reading. Other features: • Night Light. Better...
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    For fast relief stuffy noses. Of medical-grade quality, it is gentle yet still powerfulenough to clear all of your child’s mucus, boogers, and snot out quickly and with minimumfuss. Comes with three silicone tips of different shapes and lengths, perfect for newbornsand young children alike.
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    Lollababy Brushes are made from eco-friendly solid beech wood. All-Natural with no formaldehyde-releasing glues or VOC-releasing finishes often used to fuse bamboo shoots. Safe to clean and will not crack after washing unlike maple wood.  Brushing daily helps to prevent and reduce cradle cap, conditions hair, and distributes natural oils down the hair...
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