Thomson Childbirth Education Courses


  • Must I go for Antenatal Class?

    You are strongly advised to do so as to prepare you and your partner for the arrival of your baby.

  • What is the duration of the course?

    One Zoom session (4 hours) and one physical class (3 hours).

  • Where are the courses conducted?

    Block 1 @ Thomson Road (Opp. TMC)

  • How soon should I register for the course?

    You may register for our course upon confirmation of your pregnancy. Choose the class date after 20th week of your pregnancy.

  • When should I start the course?

    At or after 20th week of gestation.

  • What should I prepare for the class?

    For physical class you may wish to wear comfortable clothing for light exercise.

  • How much is the course fee?

    Please click here for schedule.

  • Can my partner come along?

    Yes, the course is for both of you. In fact, we strongly emphasise the importance of the father's role in our classes.

  • Can my mother/mother-in-law come along with my partner too?

    No, except if your partner is outstation and at the discretion of the trainer.

  • Can my pregnant friend accompany me?


  • What is the class size?

    6-8 couples for physical session.

  • Can I pay only on the first day of the class at the venue itself?

    No. You have to secure your booking before you turn up for the class.

  • Are all the other trainers good?

    Yes, they have from 10 to 35 years of experience in maternity practice. All trainers use a standardised syllabus for all our classes.

  • Will I be refunded if I give birth earlier and miss some lessons?

    Yes. We need a doctor's letter before we can proceed for refund. A nominal fee will be charged for administrative purpose. There will be no refund if you have attended two lessons and without medical reasons.

  • Who should I contact if I have more questions?

    You can contact us via e-mail 

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