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What Our Students Say

Fonnie is very kind and patient in her instruction. She ensures that she does a recap of the important points covered in the previous lesson. While we could have just read about childbirth education online / in books, we really appreciate the personal experience she shares. We are also erlieved that we have her to turn to in our baby carig journey ahead.

A., October 2018

Very informative class and sufficient hands-on. Fonnie is a very knowledgeable instructor.

W., October 2018

Fonnie is amazing. Patient and passionate. Thank you so much!

T., October 2018

Very informative for first time parents. Fonnie is very clear in her explaination and we enjoy her lessons.

L., October 2018

Informative with good focus. Miss Rosalind is very patient and experienced. Lesson schedule is well managed. We really enjoyed the session.

T., November 2018

I like Rosalind's funny jokes, helps to liven up the atmosphere of the class.

T., November 2018

Rosalind is very passionate and enthusiastic. Her lesson is engaging and informative. Thank you!

L., November 2018

Clara is a fantastic teacher. Caring, knowledgeable, practical, with great ways to remember detailed steps easily.

L., November 2018

Clara was very helpful & good with the content topics.

P., November 2018

Nurse Chong makes it entertaining and fun. Very informative. Thank you.

S., November 2018

Loves the practical and past experience sharing from Miss Chong. Very engaging.

L., November 2018

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