Thomson Confinement Food Home Delivery

Meal Activation

Here are the points you may like to know:

  • We require two working days to deliver your first meal.
  • Meal Activation Before/During Chinese New Year:

We do not deliver on first and second days of CNY. Meals will be deferred.

Activate before Thursday 11/2 Noon: Meals can be delivered on Sunday 14/2.

Activate after Thursday 11/2 Noon: Meals will only be delivered on Tuesday 16/2 onwards.

  • You need not wash the containers. Please refer to our FAQ for more information.
  • Please submit the form in this page and we shall call you back to confirm the exact delivery date and meal.
  • Or, you may call us at 63508848 during office hours for meal activation.
  • We deliver daily including weekends and public holidays, EXCEPT Christmas Day, New Year, first and second days of Chinese New Year. Meals for these four days will be deferred. Meal rotation will not be affected.
  • Delivery Time: Lunch 10am-1pm; Dinner 4:00pm-7:00pm
  • Your first meal may not be Day-1 menu due to menu rotation. Please refer to Our Menu and FAQ for explanation.
  • Please also refer to our FAQ for schedule of Pig's Trotter in Black Vinegar.  


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