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  • Weight: 0.18 kg
  • Dimensions (folded): 10 × 8 × 16 cm
  • Use: 0 - 2 years (newborn up to max 15kg)
  • Safety: in accordance with EU safety standard
  • Care: at 40 dregrees (in laundry bag and at low speed)
  • Material: mesh (light fabric with small, airy holes)
  • Waterproof: yes

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Brand: Mini Monkey

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You carry your baby straight against your body, with its head on your chest. Its bottom is low and its upper legs are spread and high; in the M-position or ‘frog position’. This ergonomic method of carrying is recommended by paediatricians as it supports babies’ hip development. A newborn’s legs are still close together. As your child grows, its legs spread and eventually you will be able to carry it on your hip (instead of against your chest). Especially curious toddlers enjoy being carried on the hip as it allows for excellent views all around! The Mini Sling has a safety loop. It stops the fabric sliding off your baby’s bottom, preventing your baby coming out of the sling unexpectedly. This loop is not meant for carrying your baby; it hangs loose when your baby is resting its bottom in the sling, but prevents your baby falling out in case it overstretches. Although you can carry your baby in the Mini Sling for hours, it is primarily intended for when you need to carry your child quickly and for shorter lengths of time. Suitable from 0-2 years.

1. Ensure good support
The baby will be sufficiently supported if you carry him in the carrier properly and it therefore won’t be necessary to also support your baby with your hand. A (newborn) baby can’t yet support his own head, which is why it’s important for both the head and the back to be fully supported by the carrier and that the fabric is folded tightly across the back. It’s also the intention for babies to be seated in the sling in a nice M-position.

We recommend carrying your baby ergonomically, in the so-called M-position, in order to ensure good development of the hips. This means the bottom is seated in the sling and the upper legs are supported. The bottom will hang lower than the upper legs. Any baby not used to being carried in a sling or wrap may start overstretching when you carry him in a sling (for the first time). This means he would be stretching his legs and back and will therefore ‘hang’ rather than taking on a relaxed ‘seated’ position with his bottom in the fabric. Fortunately this is easy to resolve by pulling up the fabric between the legs, until this completely supports the upper legs. You can also resolve this by grabbing hold of the lower legs and ‘twisting’ them upwards towards your tummy. This will allow the baby to relax even more. The back will then be in a convex curve and positioned in the fabric nice and tight. You may need to repeat this step a few times before the baby really starts to relax. A newborn’s legs are still close together. As your child grows, its legs spread and eventually you will be able to carry it on your hip


2. Wear the sling high
Experience has taught that users tend to wear the Mini Sling too low and too loose. The neck and back of the baby will not get the proper support. Therefore our advice is: wear the sling high, with your baby’s head against your sternum and its body snugly against yours! You are carrying the Mini Sling at the correct height if you can easily kiss your baby on its little head.

Before you put the baby in, make sure the sling has the shape of a ‘bowl’ and hangs on both sides underneath your armpits (see picture above left). On the right picture the shoulder piece hangs far too low.By tightening the black strap on your back, you raise the baby higher, ensuring the proper support for its neck and back. If the baby is already positioned in the sling and the sling is still a little too loose/low, you can simply adjust it by pushing the baby upwards with your hand underneath his bottom and pulling on the black strap on your back at the same time.


3. Prevent hanging lopsided
It’s the intention for the shoulder piece to be spread out and that both the clip, as well as the section which goes underneath your armpit, is positioned at armpit height – see the yellow arrows in the picture below. If these are positioned at the same height – armpit height – and you close the clip once the baby is in the sling, the padded top edge of the back piece will effectively support the baby’s neck and head. The top edge will then be nice and straight, just like with a strapless top, and the baby’s head won’t fall sideways.If your baby is in the sling and it’s still a little lopsided, you can slightly twist the Mini Sling and tighten the strap on your back a little.


4. Spread the shoulder piece
Spreading the fabric over the shoulder helps to prevent the baby hanging lopsidedly (tip 3) and is much more comfortable for you. The Mini Sling’s shoulder piece is designed to fit comfortably on your shoulder joint. Ensure the shoulder piece is spread out properly over your shoulder and upper arm, to prevent your baby from hanging to one side. The large black extendable strap should be on your back.The sling is suitable for wearing on either shoulder. Don’t know which shoulder to pick? Choose the side you normally carry your (hand) bag on as that will feel the most natural to you.


5. Use the sling in the shower, in the swimming pool
The Mini Sling is not water tight, but it is waterproof, so you can get it wet. And once wet, it dries again within 30 minutes. This makes it the ideal baby carrier to use in the shower, on the beach or at the pool. The sling is made out of a mesh fabric, so as well as being waterproof, it is very light and airy, making it ideal for warm days. In short, the Mini Sling is a must-have if you take your ‘little monkey’ on a trip!


6. Folding the Mini Sling in its pouch
The shoulder piece has a small sewn-in pouch with a black and white rope that allows you to fold the sling into a tiny package, as shown in the illustrations below. Essentially, it’s the same as folding up a reusable shopping bag.


7. Times of use
The Mini Sling is the ideal carrier to always have with you. It is so small and light, you will barely notice it’s in your bag at all! It is suitable for use for a newborn as well as a toddler (max. 15 kgs) and its airy fabric makes it especially suitable for warm days.


8. The instructions, step by step
To see how the Mini Sling works, we strongly recommend you watch the instruction video first.

  • Practise with someone else a few times.
  • Practise when your baby is relaxed (for instance after nap time, a feed and a nappy change).
  • Practise with a doll and in front of a mirror.

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