Belvea Instant Cold Perineal Pads 3’s


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A self-activating cold pads used to provide cold therapy in the perineal region of the body.

  • Provides instant cold therapy which will numb the pain site from external of the skin
  • Typically used for post childbirth (natural childbirth) where the area around the vagina is sore and painful
  • Especially useful when new mothers are in pain but does not want to consume oral painkillers (due to drug allergy or because of breastfeeding)

How to use (Activating the Pad):

  1. With the plastic bag still intact, fold the pad into half according to the folding line (indicated with "FOLD HERE" description)
  2. You will hear a gentle pop sound, where the inside bubble will burst, releasing a liquid that will be mixed with the content of the pad to provide the coldness. The liquid WILL NOT spill out onto the pad (the pad will not feel soggy).
  3. Next, remove the pad from the plastic bag.
  4. Remove the sticker cover and stick onto panty.

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Brand: Belvea

Delivery Method:
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How Long Does the Coldness Last?

Like all similar instant cold perineal pads sold globally, the coldness would normally last anywhere between 30 minutes up to an hour. The duration of coldness is very much influenced by the following factors:

  • How much bodily discharge is absorbed on the pad
  • The cold tolerance of the individual
  • The body temperature of the individual, at the time of use
  • The individual's skin surface area coming into direct contact around the pad

As such, the coldness duration really varies from individual to individual.


  • Non-Sterile Content - DO NOT use on open wound.
  • A general caution statement can be found on packaging and box.
  • DO NOT use if the hygiene plastic wrap has been punctured
  • DO NOT use if the content is punctured 


3 individually hygiene-packed pads in one box.

This product is NOT a treatment for any disease or condition. It only provides cold therapy.


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  • Local Delivery (Singapore Only): $4.80. Or FREE with orders $60 and above
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Note: These delivery options do not apply to services such as Confinement Food Home Delivery, Post-Natal Massage and Confinement Herbal Care

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