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The new protocol for mastitis treatment includes consuming 5-10g of sunflower lecithin daily.

what causes clogged and plugged ducts?

Clogged ducts are like a traffic jam in your breasts. Just like cars can get stuck in a traffic jam and cannot move easily, the milk in your breasts can get stuck and not flow easily. They occur when milk is not able to flow freely through the ducts, leading to a buildup that can cause swelling and tenderness in the breast.

A clogged milk duct prevents the breast from fully draining. The most common reasons for plugged ducts include: excessive pressure caused by sports bras or tight bras with underwires, vigorous exercise, lack of rest, dehydration, incorrect breastfeeding latch and breast engorgement.

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Brand: Legendairy Milk

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Do lecithin supplements prevent clogged milk ducts?

Yes, this supplement makes breast milk less thick and sticky. It will prevent clogging and improve the quantity of the milk you produce. The lecithin will help you drain your breasts more, so in turn, you will be able to produce more milk that will be higher in quantity and quality.

It is known that empty breasts produce more fatty milk than full breasts. When breast milk is not fat enough, it is less caloric, so your baby will not thrive and gain weight as it should.

That is where the sunflower lecithin supplements will help improve problems with your plugged ducts! The sunflower lecithin will directly affect the amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids in breast milk by increasing the milk's fat percentage making it higher in calories and nutrients. Besides, lecithin is the most used food additive, and there are no known contraindications and side effects of its usage, so it is entirely safe to use.

Some other ways to prevent or improve clogged ducts are:

  • Breastfeeding or pumping frequently to ensure that the breasts are being emptied regularly
  • Changing positions during breastfeeding to help drain all areas of the breast
  • Avoiding tight clothing that restricts milk flow
  • Making sure that your baby has a proper latch during breastfeeding to avoid any blockages
  • Gently massaging the affected area during breastfeeding or pumping to help move the milk
  • Applying warm compresses to the breast before breastfeeding or pumping to help stimulate milk flow
  • Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Practising good posture and avoiding lying on your stomach while sleeping
  • Taking breaks during feedings to check for any lumps or blockages and address them promptly
  • Seek help from a breastfeeding lactation consultant

Remember, it is important to address clogged ducts promptly to prevent infection and further discomfort. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, it is best to seek the advice of a healthcare provider.


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