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Tea Tas was out of production for 1 year due to limited herbs available but now it's back for good!              

"Ain't no shame in my milk drunk game."

In Guatemala, women know of a long-kept secret learned from their ancestors: an herbal tea made from ixbut to support the flow of breastfeeding mothers’ milk. In ancient Maya medicine, healers believed in treating like with like and since ixbut excretes an abundant milky sap from its broken stems and leaves, it was fitting that it would be recommended for promoting breast milk production. In studies of 1,800 Guatemalan women who had experienced trouble with breastfeeding their babies, 50% indicated they could not nurse at all without ixbut, 35% showed a notable improvement in milk production with ixbut, and 15% showed no benefit. With your first sip of this delicious and refreshing herbal tea made from the leaves of ixbut, you'll discover why countless generations of women have sung ixbut's praises.

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Brand: Legendairy Milk

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Breastfeeding tea details

Using high-quality ingredients, our lactation teas are made from a unique blend of milk-boosting herbs that can help with breast milk production amongst nursing mothers. Whether you are a first time mom or seasoned at breastfeeding your little one, a cuppa tea made from our organic lactation blend just might be all you need to slow down and get over the challenges associated with clogged ducts and instances of insufficient milk supply. 

Our tea for milk production only features one ingredient — wildcrafted ixbut leaves, also known as Euphorbia lancifolia. These tea leaves have been used for centuries by postpartum Mayan women in Guatemala to stimulate milk production and can help you along your breastfeeding journey. A non-toxic and highly beneficial medicinal herb, pairing our lactation support tea with our other milk flow supplements will provide a more holistic experience. 

How to enjoy

Boil water in your tea kettle.
Add 2 teaspoons of loose leaf tea to your tea infuser, before placing it into your teapot or mug.
Pour a sufficient amount of water over the tea infuser into your mug or teapot. 
Cover and steep for 10 to 15 minutes.
Dip your infuser a couple of times to ensure maximum goodness. 
Enjoy 3 cups per day. Good with honey or served over ice. 


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